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Welcome to Practice Mentors

We’re proud of the reputation that we have built in this ever-changing optometric industry. No two practices are ever the same and at Practice Mentors, we never take a cookie-cutter approach in helping you reach the goals you have for your practice.

We have the tools and expertise to help you start a practice, purchase a practice, enhance your practice or to gear your practice for retirement. Whatever your needs are…Practice Mentors is ready to get you there.

Mission Statment

Our goal is to mentor optometric business owners to achieve the highest level of professionalism, patient satisfaction and profitability.

Using the highest level of ethical standards helps to insure a greater quality of life for our clients and their staff.

Brenden White, O.D.

Sandy, UT

"I have worked with Tom for over five years. It is easy to say that he has been the key to the success we are experiencing today. Anyone can offer good advice, but what is really exceptional in the relationship I have developed with Tom is the level of trust. I have learned, through repeated experience, to trust his recommendations even when it is well outside my comfort zone. Greater risk can equal greater success or greater loss. Tom always had the confidence to get me past my own fears and helped me and my practice to achieve much more success than we ever would have on our own. We have maintained positive growth since starting from scratch six years ago in a highly competitive suburban area. We are realistically working toward a one million dollar year. He is just the right package of positive energy and intelligence."

Cody Jones, O.D.

Blackfoot, ID

"I came in contact with Tom when I was in the process of purchasing a new private practice. Tom was great, he guided me throughout the whole process. He had valuable insight and gave me great advice. Once I purchased my practice, Tom was instrumental in helping me implement a strong foundation for operations in my practice. He has helped tremendously in training me and my staff in techniques and processes that are having a huge impact on my success and bottom line. I would highly recommend him."

Crystal Gardner, O.D.

Hampton, GA

"It has been a great pleasure working with Tom. I learned about Tom thru a colleague who had worked with him. She told me that he was great. I agree with her 100%. He has been phenomenal and a big help to my startup business, from picking the perfect location, negotiating the lease to effective marketing. The one-on-one time Tom has provided me is priceless. I feel that my business got off to a great start and continues to excel; I sincerely thank Tom for his advice and assistance. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to start a new business and need guidance."

David Sparks, O.D.

Hillsville, VA

"When I decided to open up my practice cold, I knew that there would be many questions and pitfalls ahead of me for which I was unprepared. Based on a friend's recommendation, I signed on with Tom Bowman's Practice Mentors consulting services. It turns out that this was the best decision I made when opening my business! Tom was a tremendous help in so many different ways. In the first few months leading up to the opening, he was able to guide me through the seemingly endless list of decisions which needed to be made correctly in order to open the doors of the business on schedule. Perhaps more importantly, the marketing strategy that he developed for my business allowed me to get patients in the door! Additionally, throughout the first year of business Tom introduced me to the many business strategies that I needed to implement in order to make sure that the business was profitable. Working with Tom has been a wonderful experience, and I strongly recommend his services for anyone who is opening a practice and wants to get things started off right!"

Gina Wesley, O.D.

Medina, MN

"Tom applies his attentions individually to you and your office, so you truly feel he knows every aspect of your business to guide you in the most efficient way possible. He was an asset to my cold-start practice!"

Laura Young, O.D.

Indian Trails, NC

"We at Premier Family Eye Care would highly recommend the consulting services of Tom Bowman with Practice Mentors. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, professional, yet very personal in his approach with his clients. His care and attention during the exciting, yet stressful stages of opening a private optometric practice was unbelievable. Among many things, early in process, he helped with the lease negotiations. Tom gave advice about finding the right location and ensured that the lease had terms that were fair and reasonable for Indian Trail, NC. Having another person to act as an advocate and mentor during the process of starting a practice was priceless. With his experience in this field, he helped us implement strategies to help us grow and become a very successful practice. Tom's personal approach allows his clients to know that they are in good hands and that he truly does care about making your dreams of owning your own optometric practice a reality. Thank you Tom for all of your advice, direction, and service!"

Steven E. Reinders, OD

Burnsville, MN

"It has been my privilege to work with Tom Bowman for the last two years during the process of planning and setting up our new (cold start) private practice. After talking with several other optometrists, I realized that my one semester of practice management in 1992 probably might not be enough to help me set up a small business. Tom was extremely instrumental throughout all steps of planning, execution, building, opening, and maintaining our office. His marketing ideas have brought many people to our office while also saving us thousands in marketing dollars otherwise spent on worthless ads and projects.

In addition to his great guidance, our entire office feels that Tom Bowman is our friend and colleague - even though we have never met him face to face. Bringing Tom Bowman on board your team at any stage of your practice life is a must!"

Teresa Seim, O.D.

Mattawan, MI

"I was just looking over my P&L statements from the last 6 years and I really just can't believe the numbers sometimes! I know I've thanked you before, but I just feel the need to say it again. I certainly wouldn't be where I am now without your help and there aren't any words to say how much I appreciate you! You're the best and I'm so glad to know you!"

Sylvia Jones, O.D.

Columbus, OH

"Tom Bowman seemed to be an angel sent from God my 1st year in practice. He helped me decide whether or not to purchase the practice I was currently working at and helped me determine a realistic purchase price. Tom worked with me every step of the way. He always returned my emails the same day and was extremely knowledgeable about the practice of optometry. Tom and I spent the 1st year of my business venture in close contact and he advised me on everything from office forms, to marketing, and staff management. Tom's advice paid his consulting fee within the 1st year. OD Practice Mentors was definitely a good choice for me and my practice."